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Iron Man 3 Pulls in $195.3m at Opening

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It’s the long awaited third installment to the Iron Man franchise and also the first Marvel film to followup Avengers Assemble.

Iron Man 3 is powering through box office opening pulling in a whooping $195.3 million in just five days.

Robert Downey Jr. takes up his role once again as Tony Stark. Iron Man 3 is set to over take Avengers Assemble which took in nearly $200 million around the world in 42 countries.

Disney’s distribution executive Dave Hollis told Variety: “The surprise is the magnitude of this opening, not necessarily that audiences are responding to the movie. We believe this to be a strong indication of what will lead to extraordinary word-of-mouth worldwide.

“As people start reading headlines of the size of this opening, I suspect it will act as a catalyst for the Thursday night opening Stateside.”

Iron Man 3 in the UK amassed the most, taking in $21.5 million. Korea and Australia competed for second with $19.2 and $18.4 million respectively. The film is still yet to open in the United States, Russia, Germany and China.

The latest Iron Man is already set to over take the first two Iron Man films.

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