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Robocop Poster Revealed

robocop 2014

A new poster for the reboot of RoboCop has been released. The first trailer for the film was also released last week, building up the excitement for the film and revealing some of the characters in the new film. The trailer release certainly suppressed negative comments about the reboot. The poster combined with the trailer has been keeping the RoboCop ...

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First RoboCop Reboot Trailer Released

Robocop reboot film

The first trailer for 2014 reboot of RoboCop has been released starring Joel Kinnamon taking the lead. Until now there have only been a few teasers of the overall look of the new RoboCop, but now we get a slightly deeper look at the plot of the new film. The trailer also shows us the first clips of Michael Keaton ...

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RoboCop Gets Back Into His Heavy Armour Suit on the Set of the Reboot

robocop 6

Joel Kinnaman jumped back into this RoboCop in Vancouver, Canada this week. The cities streets were taken over by the 33-year-old Swedish actor wielding a giant gun as he protects the cities streets. The film production owned some streets in Vancouver for the evening as they filmed a shootout between RoboCop and some baddies. The Vancouver Convention Centre was being ...

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New Robocop reboot image surfaces online

A new image image has surfaced from the set of the new Robocop reboot. We saw first images of the new suit late last year with a mixed reaction online. There hasn’t been an official release just yet but fans are keen to see what director Jose Padilha has done with his 21st century remake of the 1987 original film. ...

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New RoboCop Armour Pictures From Set


A couple of pictures have emerged from the set of the new RoboCop movie. The reboot to RoboCop is directed by Jose Padilha set for a release date of August 9, 2013. The cast list already includes Gary Oldman, Michael Keaton, and Samuel L. Jackson. Other names to appearing on the rooster are Abbie Cornish, Jackie Earle Haley, Michael K. ...

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Michael Keaton Cast as Villain in Robocop Reboot

Michael Keaton

Hugh Laurie turned down a role in the new Robocop reboot, but it has been picked up by Michael Keaton. It looks like the former Batman will play Raymond Sellars, CEO of OmniCorp and main villain of the film. The new reboot will also include Joel Kinnaman, Gary Oldman, Samuel L Jackson, Abbie Cornish, Jay Baruchel and Jackie Earle Haley. ...

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